General Terms and Conditions

Cancellation of camper hire.

a. The renter has to cancel by registered post. The date of dispatch is considered the date of cancellation.
b. In the event of cancellation, the renter will be liable for the following:
– up to 8 weeks prior to the start of the hire period: 25% of the rental fee

– up to 4 weeks prior to the start of the hire period: 50% of the rental fee

– up until the first day of the hire period: 90% of the rental fee

– from the first day of the hire period: 100% of the rental fee


The rental company will endeavour to rent out the camper for the same period or a part thereof. If it succeeds in doing so, the cancellation fee will be proportionally reduced, subject to € 50 administration costs and any other additional costs that have been incurred.

Early return of the camper will under no circumstances lead to a full or partial refund of the rental fee.

Obligations of the camper rental company.

The rental company is obligated to deliver the camper as follows:
a. on time and in a condition in accordance with legal requirements (MOT);

in good condition and complete with inventory and accessories;
c. with the required documents, such as proof of insurance and vehicle registration certificate;
d. with sufficient instructions.

Obligations of the renter.

The renter is obligated:
a. to pay the rental fee or cancellation fee, even in the event of non- or partial use;
b. to carefully use the camper only for the purpose for which it was intended, and not to alter the camper in any way;
c. to follow the instructions of the rental company;
d. not to lend or rent the camper to others;
e. to ensure that the camper will only be driven by the renter and the authorised second driver stated in the contract. The minimum age of both drivers is 25, the drivers must have been in possession of a valid Dutch category B driving licence for a period of three years or more, unless agreed otherwise.
f. to ensure that the vehicle has the correct engine oil and coolant levels, tyre pressure, etc.


If either party fails to comply with these obligations, the other party will be entitled to cancel the contract in whole or in part, except if the breach is minor or of an extraordinary nature. Furthermore, compensation for damages can be claimed, unless the breach cannot be attributed to the other party.
b. In the event of complete or partial cancellation of the contract due to a breach on the part of the rental company, Camper Experience will reimburse both the rental fee or a part thereof and the deposit or a part thereof. If the breach concerns the non-delivery of a specific camper, the rental company reserves the right to provide a similar camper which at least satisfies the specifications of the original camper. Vehicle type and colour may vary.
c. In the event that the renter returns the camper later than stipulated in the contract, the rental company will be entitled to compensation of € 190 for every day or a part thereof that the camper is late.


Costs that are directly connected to the use of the camper including fuel, oil, tyre repairs, fees, fines, legal costs, etc., are the responsibility of the renter.

The necessary costs of normal maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of the rental company.

In the event of mechanical defects, the renter must always contact the rental company on +31 654741033. Any costs incurred to repair defects will under no circumstances be reimbursed if the renter undertakes these repairs without informing the rental company first.

Repair costs incurred after permission has been granted by the rental company will only be reimbursed on receipt of the original specified invoices together with the defective parts that were replaced. Failure to submit both the invoices and the parts releases the rental company from any liability to reimburse the renter. Reimbursement of invoices in foreign currencies will be done according to the exchange rate on the date of repair.
e. Any costs incurred to repair defects, in the broadest sense, will under no circumstances be reimbursed if the renter undertakes these reparations without the express consent of the rental company.

Costs incurred due to breakdowns or repairs work such as hotels, taxis and telephone charges will not be reimbursed by Camper Experience. The renter should claim these costs from his/her travel insurance.

In the event that the renter is required to remain in a specific place for longer than intended due to breakdowns or repair work, Camper Experience is not liable for that period or for any other costs incurred.

Damage on the campervan during rental period.

In the event of loss, theft, seizure or damage, the renter must always contact the rental company as soon as possible. The renter must follow the instructions of the rental company at all times. Telephone number: +31 628878751
b. The renter is responsible for the damage and the related transport and towing costs to a maximum of the excess, unless the renter cannot be held responsible. Damage and costs due to negligence and/or irresponsible behaviour will always result in the deduction of the deposit. Damage to the engine due to overheating resulting from, for example, low oil or coolant levels will always result in the complete deduction of the deposit.
c. In the event that the camper is seized by a government body because of the suspected transport of illegal substances by the renter or otherwise, the renter is liable for the complete compensation for all material damages suffered. All judicial and extrajudicial costs incurred by the rental company must be paid in full by the renter.
d. The excess for an instance of damage amounts to € 750.
e. The rental company can never be held responsible for personal and/or material damage to the renter or his/her travelling companions, caused by the use of the camper, a mechanical defect (breakdown) and/or a collision.


The booking is final after the required deposit stated in the invoice has been paid and the renter confirms that he has read and accepts the booking and Camper Experience’s general terms and conditions.


The renter must pay the rental fee in full, in accordance with the booking confirmation. The payment must be made as follows:
a. The deposit stipulated on the invoice must be transferred to Camper Experience’s Rabobank account no. NL90RABO015.40.87.882 in Utrecht within one week of booking.
b. The remainder of the rental fee must be paid at least four weeks prior to the start of the hire period. The deposit must be paid at least 5 days prior to departure. The deposit will be transferred back into the renter’s bank account within 2 weeks of returning the camper. If applicable, damage and/or costs will be deducted.
c. Payment must be paid to Camper Experience on the dates indicated on the invoice.
d. If the renter neglects to make the payments, Camper Experience can transfer the invoice to a debt collector. Any resulting costs (legal and/or non-legal costs as well as statutory interest) must be paid by the renter. Camper Experience retains the right at all times to cancel the contract without any court intervention.
e. If the rental contract is concluded within six weeks of the departure date, the full rental fee must be paid within one week. If this is not possible due to the length of time between booking and departure, payment must be paid as soon as possible in consultation.


a. Amendments to the contract and/or general terms and conditions are only valid if the renter and Camper Experience agree to this in writing.
b. Renting a camper can only be done by the renter.
c. The completed booking form, the signed contract and the general terms and conditions are considered an integrated whole. Damage caused by a misrepresentation of facts must be compensated entirely by the renter.


a. The camper is delivered as follows:
– Outside clean
– Inside clean
– Full tank
– Clean fridge

– Clean toilet

– Clean kitchen

– Clean upholstery

– Smoke-free
b. Smoking is not permitted in the camper.
c. Should the renter wish to take a domestic animal in the camper, this should always be done in consultation with the Camper Experience. If permission is given, the camper must be returned free of all hair and odours. If this not the case, the renter will be liable for the cost of cleaning (see 10d).
d. The camper must be returned in the same state as it was delivered to the renter. If this is not done, the following cleaning costs apply:
– Outside € 30
– Inside (exclusive of fridge, etc.) € 30
– Kitchen € 15
– Fridge € 15
– Upholstery € 50
– Toilet € 60
– Smoke/odour € 100
e. Any items missing from the inventory when the camper is returned must be paid for by the renter. The inventory will be checked based on the checklist that was signed at the time of delivery.
f. If the deposit proves to be insufficient for the payment of costs, loss of (parts of) the inventory, and any damage, the renter must pay the remaining amount immediately.