young couple travelling from amsterdam to spain with a Volkswagen campervan

Long term rentals

We understand that if you stay for a longer period (4 to 13 weeks) in Europe or The Netherlands, its logical that we offer some great long term rental deals. Because it depends which campervan or motorhome you prefer and in what period (low season, peakseason), we make personal offers for people travelling for longer periods.

If you stay longer then 3 months, mostly the buy and buy-back option is better. Even in this case it depends on the season what kind of salesdeal we can offer. Although, when travelling around for more then 3 months, most of our clients prefer buying with a guaranteed buy back price.

In short: if you have plans, send us an e-mail with when and for how long you are looking for a campervan or motorhome, and we will provide a great offer for you!