vrouw met wapperende haren uit raam van een retro T2 Westfalia camper

Fans of camper vans!

Camper Experience is a young and enthusiastic company. We are huge camper fans ourselves. After travelling with a tent for a number of years, we discovered the advantages of a camper. Changeable weather can be avoided by simply driving on, without having to pack up a wet tent. You have everything you need, so you can stop for a picnic in an idyllic spot whenever you feel like it. And it is also great to be able to cook in the camper and be warm and dry at night. In short: an adventure without the unnecessary discomfort.

Camper Experience sets great store by quality and reliability, which is why we exclusively hire and sell Westfalia campers. This German camper manufacturer is the market leader in Europe and a byword for top quality and reliability, as well as great design.

We work with our own specialistic mechenics. They ensures that all campervans and motorhomes are in prime condition for your holiday. If you have any problems on the road: just call SOS International, where we have a company contract for all the help you need, over whole Europe. All our campers are insured by them.

Safety is also a priority for us, so seat belts are fitted in the front and back of every camper.

We value flexibility and swapping ideas, so if you want something out of the ordinary, just give us a call! 0031-302232957