Does Camper Experience offer transfers from and to the airport?

Yes we will get you from the airport and bring you back after your trip!

Can I use my navigation system in the motorhome?

The camper is equipped with a 12 volt lighter socket for navigation systems.

What should I do if I have a breakdown?

Make 2 phone calls: 1 to the roadassistance company (SOS International), and 1 to us. Through our road assistance company membership, you have insurance coverage for international breakdowns, towing and replacement vehicle services (the replacement vehicle is a camper or motorhome).

Do we have to fill the camper with gas for the fridge and the cooker?

You will have to take care of your own gas. Normally there is always some gas left from the previous renter. On all campsites in Europe you can change gasbottles or fill the gastank, so no problem.

Do I have to bring my own bedlinen?

No, you can hire it from us.

Is smoking allowed in the camper?

Smoking is not allowed indoors. We want to keep the camper as pleasant and fresh as possible for our customers.

Can I connect my music on my phone or tablet to the radio system of the motorhome?

The radio CD player has a conductor (jack-jack plug), it covers most devices in the world, so you can listen to your favourite music on holiday!

Can I fit childs seats in the camper?

Yes, on the back seat, using the seat belt. Child seats can be provided.

How many free kilometres we have?

2,000 km a week for T4 campervans, 1,500 km a week for T3 campervans and 750 km a week for T2 campervans.
T5, Ford Nugget and Fiat are unlimited.

How does the campers handle hilly and mountainous terrain?

T2, T3, T4 campers do have a bit of trouble getting up hills and mountains. This has got to do with the weight of the camper, plus people and luggage in combination with the power of the enigne. You do get to the top in the end but not as quickly as you would with your own car. Luckily, you are on holiday, and if your doing it right, not in a hurry! T5, Ford Nugget and Fiat campers go quicker to the top!